Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute

A Source of Expertise

The Clinical Center for Environmental and Occupational Health is staffed by the most qualified group of occupational and environmental medicine specialists in New Jersey. The clinic's expertise for regular services ranges from annual exams for DOT, asbestos, hazardous waste or laboratory animal work to consultations about an outbreak of illness or a sick employee to design of a comprehensive health and safety program. Among those who drawupon these services are:

Decision Makers

  • human resource directors
  • corporate medical directors
  • health and safety administrators
  • loss prevention managers


  • disability insurers
  • compensation insurers

Private Employers

  • manufacturers
  • transportation firms
  • hazardous waste companies

Public Employers

  • federal, state and local agencies
  • municipal governments
  • schools

Health Care Providers

  • community physicians
  • hospitals
  • health maintenance organizations
  • rehabilitation specialists


Unions and Attorneys