Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute

Toxicology Division

Research in the Toxicology Division is focused on the nature of human health effects associated with environmental and occupational chemical exposures and the mechanisms by which they occur. Current research emphases include neurotoxicology, carcinogenesis, oxidative stress, inflammatory mechanisms, collagen, fibrosis, development and xenobiotic metabolism. Studies in this Division seek to understand the contribution of exposures to a variety of human diseases, such as cancer, birth defects and other adverse reproductive outcomes, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases, pulmonary dysfunction and endocrine disorders. Division faculty utilize a wide range of analytical and experimental approaches and are assisted in these efforts by the availability of a variety of EOHSI Core Facilities. The Toxicology Division is also home to an Environmental Health Sciences Center of Excellence and a Children's Environmental Health Center both of which are funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.